We focus on challenging, high impact projects using innovative approaches, solving problems to make a difference.

Engineering and Technology Specialists

Wexford Engineering and Technology Specialists support our research, analysis, technological, and scientific requirements. Successful candidates are academically well rounded, acknowledged experts in their fields, and have the practical experience to support operational requirements with workable, practical, and scientifically based solutions. The specific requirements for each of these areas will vary by discipline, but the majority of the positions require a minimum of ten years of demonstrated recent, relevant experience related to the target position, with educational credentials commensurate with the specific position. Advanced degrees are highly valued. Experience working in a military or law enforcement setting is highly desirable.

ORSA Asymmetric Threat Operations Research Analyst

As an Operations Research Analyst (ORSA), you will provide support to our government client, and forward deployed units, focused on countering improvised threats and the networks that finance, build or employ such threats. Duties will include taking structured and unstructured data and distilling the information into a cohesive analytical product for the senior military audience.  You will execute your mission through integration of data from diverse intelligence disciplines, including SIGINT, MASINT, GEOINT, IMINT, and HUMINT to illuminate entities and networks of interest, supporting both conventional and other forces CONUS and OCONUS.