We focus on challenging, high impact projects using innovative approaches, solving problems to make a difference.

Our Approach

Remarkable People

Wexford employees have uncommon depth in multiple skills, with complex, experience-based expertise in ambiguous, dangerous environments and unusual situations. Wexford employees are self-disciplined problem solvers with exemplary professional reputations. Wexford consists largely of mature former military Special Operations and Law Enforcement professionals, intelligence analysts and a mix of other professionals. Wexford employees consistently reflect a high degree of competence, judgment, integrity and character.

Unique Selection Process

Wexford consultants often work in small groups and teams, operating in environments that require sound and often urgent decision-making. To ensure a good fit, Wexford candidates must pass a deliberate and scientifically based assessment and selection screening powered by a resume-free web-based application. Next follows a series of competency-based screenings and interviews with company senior leaders and subject matter experts. Typically, one in 20 candidates passes the first cut, and of those, only a small percentage successfully completes the second.

The Wexford Method

We believe the best way to predict future behavior is to study both past and current behavior patterns. We do not rely on information we have only read about, or on polished briefings - our proprietary techniques derive from first-hand, on-site corporate and personal experiences.

Many of Wexford’s highly skilled former law enforcement and special operations personnel work abroad. The world is a dangerous place. One enduring client dilemma is deciding how much effort to spend preparing for a catastrophic or disruptive event that may never happen – even though the threat is there, and it will certainly happen to someone – somewhere.

Wexford’s observations, experiences, and expertise drive our consulting model and help citizens, commercial customers, and Government clients prepare for and mitigate adverse circumstances and events. Our work is timely, and we tailor our consulting support to specific customers, based upon current threats and unique situations. We believe innovative solutions are just words unless meaningful results in outcomes, efficiencies, or both, underpin them. With Wexford consulting services, clients become better prepared for the future and more confident in their ability to handle ambiguous situations involving personal and corporate risk.