We focus on challenging, high impact projects using innovative approaches, solving problems to make a difference.

Our Services

Wexford Group International
Wexford addresses complex challenges.
Wexford’s cross-disciplined team provides precise critical infrastructure protection solutions.
Wexford expertise mitigates cyber threats
Wexford offers guidance on rapidly developing technology.
Wexford enhances on-the-job performance for law enforcement professionals.
Wexford evaluates technology for Warfighters and first responders.
Wexford incorporates intelligence fusion in military and civilian applications.
Wexford analysts reinforce organizational change.
Wexford Group International
Wexford consultants utilize unprecedented RAST experience.
Wexford offers an experience-based perspective in medical operational analysis.
Wexford conducts security and vulnerability assessments of residences, installations, and critical processes.
Wexford promotes problem solving in difficult environments though an innovative training approach called ADAPTS©.
Wexford instruction demands accountability and challenges the individual decision making process.