We focus on challenging, high impact projects using innovative approaches, solving problems to make a difference.

Consulting Services

Wexford’s innovative solutions to complex National, commercial and global security-related challenges derive from long experience in military and law enforcement, especially counterterrorism and Special Operations where any security breach may be potentially life threatening. Wexford brings time-tested concepts and problem-solving skills to all clients, and real-world applications to resolve or clarify industrial challenges. We offer clients no perfunctory, pre-packaged or pro-forma solutions or products.

Wexford’s straightforward problem-solving process is collaborative. Technical, operational, and program experts examine assumptions, methodologies, and conclusions. This sustained team approach mitigates risk, achieving balance by use of different perspectives. Consultants include former law enforcement officers, scientists, analysts and engineers, as well as prior service senior military personnel with combat and strategic experience. This provides a perspective across key criteria like Doctrine, Training, and Leadership. Wexford’s multidisciplinary analysis offers early visibility into methods, solutions and opportunities. Our experts take nothing for granted, accepting no data they have not personally collected and analyzed. Keen observations, coupled with sound analyses, underpin discovery of specific cause and effect relationships, leading to actionable solutions for clients.

Wexford Group International