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Cyber Security Services

Offensive cyber operations are a growing threat with immediate implications for information systems. For a relatively small investment, adversarial organizations have increased their reach and capabilities through cyber-warfare methods. In efforts to leverage information technology, organizations have increased their network dependency at every level and end-users are critical nodes in that network. The difference in the costs required to secure information systems versus the minimal investment required for a robust cyber war capability will tempt nations, criminals , and terrorists to conduct stealthy cyber attacks to influence and disrupt information systems and networks to obtain an advantage in the cyber warfare battlespace.

The design of computer networks, operating systems, software applications, hardware and the way in which they are architected, creates vulnerabilities that an adversary will exploit to conduct remote reconnaissance and cyber attack. The adversary reads network and web traffic (email, instant messages) because most of the traffic flowing over the Internet is open and unencrypted. The adversary will employ malware and social engineering techniques to exploit flaws in operating systems or software applications to gain a foothold on a computer, then expand the foothold to exploit an entire network to gather and manipulate sensitive information.

As organizations become more dependent on the Internet and other networks the security problem is only going to get worse. Unless end-users reduce their vulnerability to cyber attack, they will likely become a casualty of cyber war. Critical nodes an adversary may target must be hardened enough that no attack can disable an organization’s ability to respond. and recover quickly enough to continue operations. Wexford’s training methodology focuses on developing the skills needed to enhance on-the-job performance, utilizing a highly interactive learning environment based on the concept of 10 percent lecture followed by 90 percent hands-on training. This process ensures that students will be able to complete tasks without additional supervision following completion of training.

Wexford’s Cyber Training Courses:

  • Cyber Attack Recognition
  • Cyber Best Practices
  • Detecting and Mitigating Wireless Attacks
  • Information Operations Computer Network Operations Preparatory
  • Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Threats