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Training Support and Assessment

ADAPTS - a non-standard approach to training - is a technique that makes students think their way through problems to find solutions. Wexford’s application of ADAPTS principles is not one-size-fits-all. Each training event is developed in close collaboration with the customer and is designed to enhance existing programs, while removing the traditional focus on training tasks in isolation. The ADAPTS solution builds learning opportunities from existing resources.


Wexford has documented success in applying ADAPTS concepts to training for military, law enforcement and commercial security personnel. Using the ADAPTS approach, Wexford improves performance by concentrating on training outcomes and problem solving, rather than on simply covering a fixed list of objectives. Wexford’s highly skilled consultants achieve qualitative, quantifiable results.


Specific areas where ADAPTS can be used include:

  • collective training for small teams and units
  • instructor training
  • security evaluations
  • cyber security/information technology support; network assessments; adversary network analysis
  • military and law enforcement training, to include weapons and marksmanship; IED detection and avoidance; combat medicine; tactical casualty care; navigation and driving; communications; staff procedures


Current Wexford ADAPTS capabilities include course development and assessments; instructor appraisals and training; unit and organizational evaluations; pre-deployment reviews, and area-focused training.


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